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Kids Corner / Global Connected Centre

In 2013 after the birth of our daughters we created an educational center “Kids Corner” for early childhood from 3 to 8 years old where children were at the center of the pedagogy, we were all learning from each other in a warm and informal way. The children were exposed to a wealth of experience many of them linked with the natural world. Learning took place through various activities including the academic skills required for healthy development.

In July 2019 the Kids Corner evolves with monthly workshops and holiday camps, it also expands worldwide in the GCC project ( Global Connected Center for Children) to give children the possibility of communicating LIVE by computer technology (webcam) a few hours per month, in order to learn from each other. To awaken the curiosity of the child in relation to the world around him / her, to help him realize that he’s a global entity, so that he becomes aware of his potential and strive towards achieving it through activating his intelligence, intelligence which is the function of both the mind and the heart.

Kids Corner  and the G.C.C are the seeds put fourth for our future vision – “The School of Life”, a place for children to be given the opportunity to flower in their goodness so that he/she will be rightly related to people, things, ideas, and to the WHOLE of life. The idea is to observe the nature of each individually in order to respect the various rhythms of learning and quality of intelligence. The ultimate goal/vision of the School of Life is to prepare these children to be part of a global fraternity of free thinkers. It is our concern to help these kids to come up in life, free from the fetters of beliefs and non-beliefs.

A monthly workshop for kids and parents will be held at Tranquilandia from July 2020

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