Originally from the North of France, I graduated from the Conservatoire Regional de Lille and I had the opportunity to pursue a career as a dancer for 13 years in the most prestigious cabarets around the world. My travels and diverse experiences have led me where I am today.

I started practised Yoga in 1999 in the Sivananda lineage, I continued with various forms of Vinyasa, then I discovered the depth of Satyananda. I also appreciated the anatomical precision of Iyengar and the energy flow of Nil Hahoutoff.

6 years later, I was given the opportunity to teach my first class. That brought me to a teacher's training with the European Union of Yoga in Andre Van Lysebeth's school.

From 2005 to 2010, I taught in various centres in Paris, gave private lessons to children & pregnant ladies, and organized monthly workshops as well as Yoga weekends in the countryside. Summer 2006 was my first trip to South India. It was a discovery of such a delight that I decided to return and bring my students to share these beautiful places and the various teachers who I came in contact with. The proposal of a tour around the theme of Yoga in its land of origin pleased a wide audience and three times a year I took small groups of 7-14 people for an experience that enriched us all (see details bottom page) In 2010, I decided to settle in Kerala with my husband (whom I met during my first visit to India) and got registered in a school (AVP) for a diploma in advanced Yoga Therapy.

My philosophy of life at present is: In order to know oneself, one should be able to look at who one if from inside and make the right steps to live in peace and harmony. The Yoga I teach is very secular, authentic and based on Patanjali's Sutras. We love to host retreats and welcome anyone to share the daily routine of living in harmony with nature and be part of a beautiful holistic experience.

For more information, feel free to contact us for details regarding dates, program and cost. Yoga is part of the package and classes are given with various local teachers.

Stephane’s group from Paris ( Feb 2018), 23 people, 7 days retreat, great fun !!!
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Tranquilandia organizes “ Voyages a la carte” to various parts of South India

Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka

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Since 2007, Sandrine, the host organizes different circuits for groups of 6 to 12 people.

The voyage goes on for 15 days and covers unique destinations from seaside to mountains, cities,  countryside, forests, island etc …

It’s an adventure prepared with a very open mind, lots of simplicity and Love to satisfy expectations and travellers needs.

Every detail is taken care of to make the whole experience a pleasant and unforgettable journey to the body and soul.

Don’t hesitate to contact us for more info. Call: +91 62 382 192 56 | +91 62 387 466 65

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