Originally from the North of France, I graduated from the Conservatoire Regional de Lille and had the opportunity to pursue a career as a dancer for 13 years in the most prestigious cabarets around the world.

I started practising Yoga in 1999 in the Sivananda lineage, continued with various forms of Vinyasa, then I discovered the depth of Satyananda with many Pranayama techniques and Yoga Nidra. I also appreciated the anatomical precision of Iyengar and the energy flow of Nil Hahoutoff.

In 2010, I decided to settle in Kerala  and got registered in a school (AVP) for a diploma in advanced Yoga Therapy.

My philosophy of life at present is:

In order to know oneself, one should be able to look at who one is from inside and make the right steps to live in peace and harmony.”

The Yoga I teach is very secular, authentic and based on Patanjali’s Sutras.

We love to host retreats and welcome anyone to share the daily routine of living in harmony with nature and be part of a beautiful holistic experience. Being able to practice surrounded with Nature, there’s nothing like that…! Classes can be taken in a large, airy and bright hall, as well as in a carpet grass garden.

Different packages are offered:

  • 3 days to unwind from your daily routine and boost your immunity.
  • 7 days to bring back your physical and mental energy.
  • 10 days to live in a state of union with oneself and with the Whole.

To Yoga teachers: 

You can organize your own retreat.

Tranquilandia will provide food and accomodation for you and your students.

For more information regarding dates, program and cost feel free to contact us .

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