About Us


About Us

Because of the fast growing population, green is being wiped out from cities,
pollution has become all pervading and global warming is in discussion everywhere.

The remaining protected forests and villages are the supply fields of food, shelter, air
and water for mankind. The natural instincts in city dwellers entice them to these
places. City people always need the solace of nature.

Today we are living a healthy and sustainable lifestyle in a clean environment with
the omnipresence of Mother Nature knowing that less is more.
We have space to move around, colors to look at, birds and animal life to listen to.
Our days are lived according to the circadian rhythms of the sun, moon and the skies
above and in all this we would like to make a change for the better.

Our Story

Tranquilandia is run by a couple Shahul, a philosopher and nature lover, Keralite by
birth but world citizen by spirit and his wife Sandrine, french lady, artist and Yoga
teacher (now family with little Mia & Vidya as an addition).

Why Choose Us?

Our aim is to provide best stay experience to our customers at an affordable price. To ensure that our customers experience a comfortable stay in Kerala