About Us


About Us

Because of the fast-growing population, green is being wiped out from cities,
pollution has become all pervading and global warming is in discussion everywhere.
The remaining protected forests and villages are the supply fields for clean food and
water, shelter and proper air for mankind. The natural instincts in city dwellers entice
them toward these places, always being reminded of the need for solace and
reconnection with nature.
Today we are living a healthy and sustainable lifestyle, in a clean environment with the
omnipresence of mother nature knowing that less is more. We have space to move
around, colors to look at, birds and animal life to listen to. Our days are lived according
to the circadian rhythms of the sun, moon and the skies above.
It is with great pleasure that we are able to share and offer the same experience and
way of living to all of our guests.

Who We Are

Tranquilandia is run by a beautiful family: Shahul, Sandrine Mia and Vidya. Shahul is a Keralite by birth but a world citizen by spirit. A big thinker and lover of nature who works tirelessly to create and preserve the entire ecosphere that surrounds Tranquilandia – truly the architect behind the sanctuary you will experience during your stay.

His wife Sandrine, a French lady by birth and also a world citizen by heart. She is an artist and a yoga teacher who gives all of herself to nurture and cultivate the vision of Tranquilandia through her contribution/work with the Kids Corner, all while holding yoga retreats and creating the space to make guests feel the highest level of comfort/ease during their stay at Tranquilandia.

Little Mia & Vidya, two beautiful girls that embody the heart of Tranquilandia. They are major contributors to anyone’s experience there through their creativity, receptivity, love for other children, animals and nature. They are always curious about life, love to read, create art of all forms, are extremely sensitive to the needs of others, are generous and caring for all things.


A monthly workshop for kids and parents will be held at Tranquilandia from July 2020

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Or Email: contact@tranquilandia.in

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