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Tranquilandia is an eco-friendly homestay located near Coimbatore & Silent Valley National Park, Kerala in South India, in the Western Ghats of Kerala. It was created in 2010 to welcome friends from across the globe, host groups for retreats as well as offer a haven for travelers looking for a peaceful place to rest in a natural and preserved eco-sphere.

Tranquilandia is a typical break from the urban grind and provides a taste of rural life. We are a 12-month destination, each season bringing its own unique beauty and charm.

Our domain of 5 acres is host to our home, 4 eco-lodge cottages with independent bathrooms, a swimming pool, Yoga hall, expansive garden, medicinal plantation, organic farming and an education center with a large play area for kids. It supports a diverse eco-system where numerous species of plants and animals thrive.

Tranquilandia was created with a very open mind, lots of simplicity and love to satisfy the expectations and needs of all travelers. Every detail is taken care of to make the whole experience a pleasant and unforgettable journey for the body, mind, and soul.

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A monthly workshop for kids will be held at Tranquilandia from July 2019

Call: +91 62 382 192 56 | +91 62 387 466 65

Or Email: contact@tranquilandia.in


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